Why Buy NJ Peaches?


Peach production in New Jersey dates back to the early 1600’s. Jersey peach producers are experts in growing, packing, and shipping high quality peaches. Building relationships with these experienced producers yields sound and economically advantageous agribusiness.

Jersey Fresh – As Fresh As Fresh Gets

All New Jersey peaches are produced and packed within 250 miles of tens of millions of people. Peaches can be picked, packed and shipped to major consumer markets in a few hours. Thus, New Jersey peaches are fresher and transportation costs are less. Peaches spend less time in storage and transit

Vibrant Color and Flavor

New Jersey has ideal day and night temperatures to make the peaches a beautiful shade of red and background yellow. Many varieties developed in other states generally have more color when grown in New Jersey. The ideal weather along with being so close to the final market results in peaches with vibrant color and flavor.

Good Fruit Size

New Jersey growers have invested in improved varieties, irrigation systems, and progressive thinning practices to grow fruit of the size desired by customers and consumers.

Progressive Packaging

The standard pack for New Jersey peaches is a ½ bushel loose filled box. In recent years packers and shippers have developed various specialty packs to provide value-added marketing opportunities and to service customers that require special packaging needs. Many of these packs include attractive high-graphic boxes and trays to protect fruit that is picked with high maturity.

Buying Options

New Jersey peaches are packed and sold by many growers and shippers. Buyers have the option of dealing with many growers and shippers. See the Council’s shipper list at this website for up to date information on these shippers.


Purchasers of New Jersey peaches are supporting a viable peach industry. This helps preserve farmland and keeps the Garden State green for future generations


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