Jersey Fresh Grading

The Jersey Fresh Quality Grading Program is associated with the Jersey Fresh promotional program, and was developed by the New Jersey Department of Agriculture (NJDA) with the cooperation of the New Jersey peach industry. The 2013 regulations require that peaches packed using the Jersey Fresh logo be US Extra No.1 grade, with a 2¼ inch minimum diameter. All containers must be new and marked to denote variety and minimum size or count. All containers must be well filled and peaches hydrocooled and so marked.
The NJDA will continue to offer the industry a voluntary certification of peaches under the “Premium Jersey Fresh Grade”, guaranteeing freshness. Under this grade, first implemented in 2005, NJDA inspectors certify that each individual pallet of “Premium Jersey Fresh Grade” peaches was packed and shipped within seven days of picking. To be graded “Premium,” the peaches must meet the “US Fancy” grade and the grower must have passed the Department’s third-party auditing program which ensures good handling, good agricultural practices, and record keeping to ensure product traceability. Only those peaches that meet all of the above requirements are eligible to receive a pallet sticker and a gold seal on the bill of lading, identifying them as “Premium Jersey Fresh”peaches.
A staff of inspectors makes unannounced, random inspection visits to licensed grower/packer facilities to protect the integrity of the logo and ensure that the peaches are being packaged and handled according to regulations.
This program is voluntary and covers anyone who packs under the Jersey Fresh logo. The New Jersey growers and packers who pack under the Jersey Fresh Quality Grading Program benefit from the increased awareness of brokers, buyers and chain store operators that produce will be of consistent quality and uniform size.
Chain store produce buyers have been extremely satisfied with the quality of the product packed using the Jersey Fresh logo, which they have been purchasing since the inception of the program in 1985.
For additional information on the Jersey Fresh Quality Grading Program, please call (856) 453-3870.


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