North & South "Jersey Peach Pie" Competitions

September 25, 2019 - Winding up a late-but-great Jersey peach season were the “Perfect Peach Pie” baking championships from competitions for amateur bakers held at farmers markets around the state. Two grand prizes of $300 each -- one in north Jersey; the other in south Jersey -- were awarded by the New Jersey Peach Promotion Council, which sponsored the contests. Ten farmers markets held contests this year, and competition was fierce among entrants.

Jersey Peaches

New Jersey soils and climate are ideal for maximum production of quality peaches, and when weather smiles on the trees, as it did this year, you can’t find a tastier peach than those picked from our orchards. Winter was just cold enough; spring was just warm and wet enough, and this year’s New Jersey peach crop is as near perfect as perfect can be,

Jersey Peach Celebrations This Week

August 13, 2019 - Peachy Events, August 16th & 18th, 2019

Jersey-grown peaches are celebrated this week AT Bordentown Historical Society and Jersey City Riverview Farmers Market. Check out the Perfect Peach Pie amateur baking competition at Riverview market, where visitors get to taste pies after judging, Some creative and delicious submissions.

Aug 16 - 6-9 pm
Bordentown Historical Society

Peach Pairings

July 31, 2019 - Jersey-fresh peaches are so good on their own, they hardly need embellishment. But, for a little variation on perfection, try some of the following pairing ideas, ranging from the rich and decadent to the healthy and nutritious – but still delicious.

Decadent: Peaches and Cream: The timeless recipe for goodness. Display peaches with containers of whipped cream and perhaps angelfood cake or shortcake cups. For traditional shortcakes, pair the peaches with biscuit mixes, heavy cream or canned whipped cream.

Peach Each Pie Recipes for Summer Delights

New Jersey peach pies perfume the air and tantalize the senses at farmers markets during July and August, when amateur bakers all over New Jersey present their delicacies for judging. Winning pies at each market go on to be judged for two ultimate first prizes (one in north; one in south Jersey) of $300 each. The “Perfect Peach Pie” contests are sponsored each year by the New Jersey Peach Promotion Council. This season had nine finalists. Below is a selection of winning recipes.

Peach Pie: Carolyn Trusso, Brigantine

Pick-Your Own Peaches At New Jersey Farms

What kid doesn’t like a chance to run through a country farm? Even better when blushing peaches hang low on the trees, ripe for picking. Peach orchards throughout New Jersey invite visitors to come and pick their own peaches; some charge a small admission fee to the orchards, others charge for what is picked. Some have created special events, taking visitors out to the orchards in tractor-pulled wagons.


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